A Warm Welcome from Sarah Mac: Copywriter & Marketing Consultant

Expert copywriting for websitesarticle websites, social networking platforms, sales literature, media and advertising. 

My name is Sarah McInerney and I am a creative copy writer offering professional copy writing for businesses across the United Kingdom and internationally. My company, Words by Sarah Mac Limited, offers a full range of marketing and PR services to smaller businesses looking to gain the edge over their competitors.

My copy writing services include search engine optimised web contentweb articles, blogs, case studies, newsletters, direct mail letters or e-mails, brochure and advertising copy, advertorials, editorials,  press releases, presentations, business plans and sales proposals. I can work on one-off projects or on a monthly retainer basis.

With a well developed research ability, a strong academic background and 18 years experience in marketing management I can write for a limitless range of industries. I have worked on content for professionals such as doctors, lawyers, teachers, architects and metallurgists together with golfers, plumbers, driving instructors, bookkeepers, designers, landscape gardeners and videographers to name just a few. 

Drawing attention to BENEFITS - eliminating the 'So What?' factor from your writing!

My writing is aimed at cleverly drawing attention to the benefits of your product or service, boosting your profile and helping your
website rank highly in the search engines and effectively sell your business.

If your existing business words aren't doing the job, then I can help by providing web content or sales copy that is:

·         Grammatically perfect
·         Compelling and interesting to read
·         Effective in getting across the benefits of your product or service
·         Tailored to your market
·         Written from the point of view of an outsider and from the customer's point of view
·         Professional and slick

Please take a look at my portfolio for examples of my wide-ranging writing.

16 years
 marketing experience means that I write to sell; I'm not a journalist so my style is geared towards putting across a convincing case that will help sell products and services. My academic background means that I have a strong aptitude for understanding even the most complex and demanding subjects and for putting text that is usually difficult to understand into plain English.

With my way with words, I promise to make your
web content and sales literature speak volumes about your business, so that it towers above your competitors.

For a no-obligation quotation on your copy writing project, please contact me at your convenience.

Words by Sarah Mac: let good writing speak volumes about your business.

Sarah McInerney, EzineArticles.com Basic PLUS Author